Identifying and developing the
best acting talent

We are dedicated to identifying and developing the best acting talent across Video Games, Film and Television, offering a first-class casting and talent management service along with experienced voice directors who are matched to the style of the narrative.

The team at VOICE have worked with over 8000 voices based in the UK, Europe and US, in multiple languages and dialects for video games and ADR / Crowd Walla, including connections and access to AAA talent. VOICE offers fully secure remote and live working solutions for all our clients.

Union or Non-Union is no issue. We are approved to act as signatory, payroll, and legal to help streamline the performance pipeline.

Casting is available for:

  • Voice and performance for video games
  • Everything from NPCs to lead roles for scanning, VO and Performance Capture
  • UK based talent for all UK accents and regions
  • Genuine US talent, based in the UK
  • European and Rest of World language speakers, based in the UK
  • Working with agencies who represent AAA talent and voices in the UK and the US
  • Talent for Union and Non-Union in the US

Molinare, VOICE’s parent company, is also a Signatory of SAG AFTRA and can handle all casting, legal/contractual, and payroll agreements affiliated with SAG-AFTRA. The handling of all talent management, in-house VO, and performance directors is also managed by our experienced team.

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